Regular school day 4/28, Huaxia Debate at Edison, 4/29


2018 Huaxia Speech Contest, 1/6/2018@Livingston, NJ
1st Grade: 胡晋衔(JinXian Hu), 何黛尔(Adele He), 闫博文(Ryan Yan) 2nd Grade: 施言言(Serena Shi),刘旭洲(Phillip Liu),永乐(Aden Saket) 3rd Grade: 束嘉星(Kevin Shu),俞心安(Lillian Yu),周振宜(Ethan Zhou)

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Our teacher representatives, (front row from left to right) 林虹老师 (Ms. Hong Lin, 2nd Grade), 胡筱榕老师 (Ms. Xiaorong Hu, 4th Grade), 黄亦格老师(Ms. Yige Huang, 6th Grade), 黄镁老师 (Ms. Mei Huang, Preschool and Junior Mandarin), 黄晓燕老师 (Ms. Xiaoyan Huang,1st Grade, ), and 副校长徐天昕 (Vice Principal Mr. Tianxin Xu, back) attended the 2017 Huaxia Teacher Conference at East Brunswick, NJ